I am David Sugden.  Thanks for stopping by. You can learn more about me by reading any one of my other, irregularly updated blogs – alongside.

I am using this particular blog to detail my research into European history as it unfolded between the years 1815 (Waterloo, Napoleon’s final defeat) and 1914, the beginning of the First World War. I’ve always wondered how Europe became the geographical/political continent it is now; after all I’ve lived alongside it for all of my life.

When I was at school in the fifties and sixties, jingoistic world history seemed to begin in 1066 and then stopped around the time of Oliver Cromwell. Later, there was a huge leap forward to the industrial revolution and that was it, once the Jenny started spinning and Enoch had swung his hammer, history ceased to be.

Any other historical facts and features I’ve had to find out for myself.

My children had similar inputs from school but were also taught about world war one and some events leading up to world war two – but even they were not taught about the significance those two major events had on today’s worldwide political geography.

The pages I write therefore, will serve to log the progress I make whilst undertaking the research. They will also provide links to resources and other information along the way.

Thanks again for stopping by.


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